At this time, we are happy to announce that we are opening our office on a limited basis, prioritizing care for patients with emergent and urgent needs.  This is in line with guidelines from Governor Walz and the Minnesota Board of Dentistry.  At Integrity Dental Care, our main goal has always been to protect the health of our patients, our team, and our community.  In order to provide the safest environment possible, we will be re-opening the office in phases, with these patients being our top priority.


If you are experiencing, or have experienced any of the following, we encourage you to contact our office so that we can arrange for diagnosis and treatment of your condition:

  • Fractured or cracked teeth
  • Broken or missing fillings or crowns
  • Large cavities
  • Pain or swelling in the mouth


If you were undergoing treatment during the COVID-19 closure or had treatment postponed because of the closure, we will be reaching out to get you scheduled.  If you have questions pertaining to situations like this, you may also call our office at any time.  We ask for your patience during this process, as we will be taking extra measures to prioritize the needs and safety of our patients.


As of May 26th, 2020, we will start to see patients for hygiene recall visits/cleanings, although at a reduced capacity.  In order to adhere to social distancing protocols and provide the safest environment possible for our patients and team, it will be necessary to phase-in this care.  If you are scheduled for a cleaning on or after 5/26/20, it is possible that your appointment may still need to be rescheduled.  We acknowledge that a large number of patients have had hygiene appointments cancelled and we continue to ask you for your patience and understanding.  We do plan to make hours and staffing changes as soon as we are able to accommodate rescheduling as many of our patients as possible.


If you do visit our office, we want to ensure you that it is safe at Integrity Dental Care.  We have always practiced universal precautions as outlined by the CDC and OSHA standards of infection control and at this time, we are taking extended measures to further protect our patients and team.  You will notice many changes around the office that make it easier for everyone to practice social distancing, as well as different personal protective equipment (PPE) used by our staff.  Here are some important things to review before coming to our office:

  • In compliance with public health recommendations, no patient or staff member with a cough or fever will be allowed into our office. If you are experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell) or have been exposed to someone known to have COVID-19, please stay home.  We will be happy to reschedule your appointment. 
  • All patients are asked to check-in from their vehicles to minimize traffic in the waiting room. When you arrive, please text (864) 428-2259 with your name and the make and color of your vehicle.  You can also reply to the last text you received from our office.  If you do not have texting capabilities, please call the office at (651) 459-3039.  Please stay in your vehicle until you are notified to meet a staff member at our front entrance vestibule.  YOU MUST BE ON TIME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT, AS THE SCHEDULE IS BEING STRICTLY MONITORED TO UPHOLD SOCIAL DISTANCING.
  • All visitors must wear a mask or face covering into the office, which will remain on until a procedure begins. You must provide this, as our office needs to do everything possible to conserve our supply. 
  • Once in the vestibule, a staff member will take your temperature and ask you to utilize the hand sanitizer station. They will then escort you directly to a care room.
  • Only patients being treated that day will be allowed into the office. If someone drives you to your appointment, they need to stay in their vehicle.  The only exception for this is minors or others accompanied by a legal guardian or caregiver.  Guardians and caregivers are required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Once in the treatment room, you will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and asked to sign a consent form before any treatment begins.
  • Once treatment is completed, you will be asked to put your mask back on and use hand sanitizer before leaving the room.
  • Please understand that due to changes in the schedule, the doctor or hygienist that you normally see may not be available. These changes need to be made to maintain a safe environment in our office.  We ask for your cooperation. 


We strongly believe that your oral health is imperative to your overall well-being and we look forward to welcoming patients back to our office.  Know that we have been thinking of our patients and their families during this crazy and unprecedented time.  Remember, our online practice portal is always open to look up past appointments, pay your bill, and access our office forms and documents.  We are excited to see you soon!

Be well,

Dr. Kelley, Dr. Gulis, and the Integrity Dental Care Team